Analysis and conclusions

Activity 3: Analysis and conclusions

The activity will be implemented by the European Fundamental Rights Agency, with the assistance of NSI.

The project will create a set of data (socio-economic profiles of vulnerable population groups identified in Action 1 and explored in Action 2). These data will be presented in a set of “vulnerability maps”, analyzes and publications summarizing the research results and the lessons learned. Research results will be presented at international conference with an accent on their reproducibility in other countries.

Expected results

  • Overview of the main indicators at district level (NUTS3);
  • Four thematic reports – on the situation of the four main vulnerable population groups as they were defined in Action 1. The reports will focus on the main SDG indicators for each group and on recommendations how to apply data in the political process;
  • “Overview of core SDG indicators” report;
  • Thematic Guide “How do we understand and apply data on vulnerability in the political process?”.