Project Management

Action 5: Project Management

The main objective of the activity is to ensure that the implementation of the project activities is in line with the deadlines and budget laid down in the project proposal.
A project management and project management team will be set up, which will include project manager, coordinator and financial manager. The organization and management team will be supported by in-house experts with years of experience and participation in projects funded by programs and by the Commission.

The members of the project organization and management team will carry out activities related to the organization, coordination, risk management and reporting of project activities and the results achieved throughout the project implementation period.

The team will have the following tasks:

  • Ensure timely implementation (planning and coordination of the work plan);
  • Monitor quality of work and results (interim reviews and updates);
  • Ensure continuous thematic, administrative and financial support to partners through e-mail correspondence or through bilateral meetings or online meetings;
  • Ensure implementation of the budget by developing clear rules for reporting the implementation of the project partner’s activities and budget;
  • Ensure timely reporting and reporting of activities and budget in accordance with the agreed timetable.