Information and publicity

Action 4: Information and publicity

The activity will be implemented by the NSI with the assistance of the European Fundamental Rights Agency.

The activity covers the organization and holding of three conferences:

  • Introductory conference – presentation of project goals and expected results. An opening press conference will be organized to announce the main objectives and expected results of the project and to inform predetermined target groups – journalists, academic community, representatives of the central government and other users interested in the results;
  • Interim conference – presentation of the results from the first phase of the project and the planned future activities. The main objective is to inform the designated stakeholder groups about the defined target audience groups, such as the outcome of the first stage of the project, as well as the promotion of the field study;
  • Closing conference – presentation of documents drawn up on the basis of the project activities, as well as exchange of good practices for the implementation of new data collection methods.

In addition, the promotion of the project is envisaged by providing incentives with the project logo to the sampled households.